The Basinatlas Project

Data for next generation basin analysis

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The Basinatlas project

The site aims to be a resource for tectonic data for deep-time basin analysis.


The atlas of IntraCONtinental Sedimentary basins is a compilation of global crustal and lithospheric structure data for 242 intercontinental sedimentary basins, investigating the formation and evolution of intracontinental basins. The aim was to combine information about crustal structure, plate kinematics and mantle dynamics in one coherent HTML-based presentation and to provide quantitative constraints for next generation basin modeling approaches which integrate deep-earth dynamics, plate tectonics and lithospheric modeling. The Atlas was part of Christian Heine's Ph.D. project in the EarthByte Group at The University of Sydney, Australia in 2007.

Access the ICONS Atlas here

The ICONS Atlas is licensed under a CreativeCommons Share-Alike Attribution license.

The Global Rifts Database

The Global Rifts Database is a spatio-temporal compilation of tectonic structures related to lithospheric extension (rifting) and passive margin formation. The underlying goal is provide a high-quality dataset of structural features which have a location as well as temporal attributes for data-driven analysis of rift patterns. It is currently under development. Contact Christian Heine for further info.

Currently the webpages are only available to registered users.

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